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We all know how much our busy working lives can affect our well-being both at home and at work. For Employers, employee performance and attendance can be affected and productivity compromised.


Whether you are sitting at a desk, hunching over a computer, standing, lifting or driving you are putting unnatural strain on your body, day in day out. That strain can manifest itself through pain, headaches, tiredness or just plain grumpiness!


A workplace workout class could be just the thing to tackle the problem! I can come to your workplace and hold a class for employees at lunchtime or at either end of the day:

Try Breakfast Barre for a pre-work energy boost or Lunchbox Barre or Lunchbox Pilates for a middle of the day stress buster. Or if those don't fit into you

routine how about an end of the day Stretch and Unwind Pilates class to shake of the day's tension and realign the body ready for the challenges of next day?

You don't need a big space or special equipment and you'll be amazed at the positive effect it can have on your workforce. 

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