Barre Physique

Barre focuses on small precise movements with emphasis on form, alignment and engagement of the core. The class is broken down into simple manageable exercises that target all your muscle groups while focusing

on poise and elegance.


Why choose Barre Physique?

Our classes are kept small to ensure a hands on and personal approach.


Our largest group class accommodates up to just 7 clients, large enough for you to enjoy the camaraderie of working with others, but small enough to give you the individual attention that you need. Your instructor will quickly get to know you and your body and will work with you to make sure you are doing the exercises safely and effectively and are getting the best out of your natural physique.

What effect will Barre Physique have on my body ?

Think of the body of a dancer and imagine yourself moving towards that ideal. If you take regular classes you will

quickly see a change in your body - longer, leaner muscles, trimmer thighs, tighter buttocks and definition in your arms. 

Do I need to have danced previously?

No, you do not need any previous ballet, dance or exercise experience and all classes are entirely suitable for beginners. 

Do I have to be physically fit to do Barre Physique?


Barre Physique does not involve high impact movements or any cardio-vascular exertion and exercises can be adjusted to take account of physical needs, so there is no reason at all why anybody can't give it a go,

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