About Studio Physique

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Hi, I'm Abby! 

I founded Studio Physique in 2019 as a culmination of my experiences as a dancer and my training in Pilates and Barre.

I discovered Pilates during my ballet training at Central School of Ballet when a back injury threatened to end my dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. After several weeks of enforced rest, my rehab programme comprised physiotherapy and regular Pilates classes. The main aim of the programme was to build core strength to support my spine so that it could safely withstand the rigours of ballet training. It worked and I was able to graduate and fulfil my ambitions as a ballet dancer! Now qualified as a Pilates Instructor, I am happy to be able to pass on the benefits of Pilates to you, whatever you do for a living!

My introduction to Barre came later when, attracted by the idea of a fitness class derived from ballet and Pilates, I took a few classes. I quickly caught the bug, went on to qualify as an instructor and developed my own signature class, Barre Physique. 

I now offer Barre, Pilates and private coaching under the umbrella of Studio Physique. Most classes take place in my studio in Beaconsfield but like so many others, 2020 forced me to look at other options and develop a virtual business too!


I have been lucky enough to have built up a varied professional career as a ballet dancer and choreographer whilst finding a passion for teaching along the way. Now a fully qualified Barre and Pilates instructor, I love helping my clients discover new ways of moving and improving their quality of life, whether that's through injury rehab, personal training or simply introducing them to a form of exercise they enjoy. Not bad for someone with a dodgy back!


                                Abby x